Data vendors and exchanges have become increasingly more visible in ensuring that their subscribers are compliant with their terms. The consequences of not are truly expensive with settlement figures and fines reaching into millions of dollars. Even for smaller firms the cost of non-compliance runs into many hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Mentem offers the following services:

Compliance Assessment

A complete review of your data and exchange agreements and other sources of market data to ensure that all internal users and applications using market data are adhering to the terms and conditions of your suppliers. For a business case of the economics of becoming compliant please contact us.

Compliance Audit Guidance and Preparation

In response to the notice of an audit, Mentem can help you prepare for an on-site audit in advance.

Compliance Audit Review

Mentem will review your responses to audit questionnaires, recommend a follow up strategy and assist you with the communication with the auditors.

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